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Born in Havana, Chely and her family moved to the US in 1962 where she grew up in Southern California. Always having had a love for books, she enjoyed reading to her children when they were little. Seeing the joy this brought to them, sparked her interest in writing.

Aside from the children’s book series “The Adventures of Tandy The Teddy”, Chely has also written a book in Spanish called “Como decia mi Abuela”. The book was written to document part of her Hispanic culture. It features “old sayings” from her Grandmother and others of a passing generation. It is both amusing and sentimental.

Chely Schwartz

Recently released, is a Historical Fiction Novel called “The Peter Pan Princess”, which tells a story about a young girl who was put on the Peter Pan flights from Cuba to Miami during the 1960’s. A very compelling story of the young girls life changes and struggles from that of a privileged life, to ending up in a children’s group home and eventually finding fame.

“The Adventures of Tandy The Teddy” is a series of children’s books about a Teddy Bear that lives in a classroom. The stories are the “Adventures” the children have with “Tandy The Teddy”.

Chely now lives in South Florida with the Love of her life.  She enjoys visits from her Grandchildren, Emma and Lucas, who she hopes to leave her legacy and love for reading and books.

The Adventures of Tandy the Teddy

“The Adventures of Tandy The Teddy” is a series of stories told by a little brown Teddy bear that lives in a school classroom. Every Friday, Mrs. Macy, the teacher, picks one student to take Tandy home for the weekend. 

The stories are the adventures the children share with Tandy during their time together.

Mrs. Schwartz is available for readings to classrooms or libraries. Suggested ages: K through 3rd grades. Please fell free to contact Mrs. Schwartz directly by filling in the form on our Contact Us page.